Are 0 critical / serious events possible or just nice words? YES it is possible. We can tell you how!

What can your company or workplace do to avoid and prevent serious accidents? There are many simple and wise steps that can be taken. We must be proactive. You can regret but not change.


Teddy Broadhurst, who was born and raised in Stavanger Norway, has for many years worked as a manger in the oil industry. Platform and field manager in addition to HSE manager both in UK and Singapore. In total 10 years abroad.

Now he travels in Norway and abroad to influence people’s behaviour on how to prevent unwanted injuries and incidents.

Over the past 10 years, Norway has had one work-related death per week, i.e. about fifty per year. Fifty persons networks are directly affected. Hundreds of people are affected.

So far in 2019, he has delivered in excess of 90 lectures for small, medium and large groups and assemblies.

He tailors his presentation to fit the "customer".

Some on content and themes:

  • Typical lecture lasts 45 minutes and can be done in either Norweigan or English

  • Teddy likes to call the lecture "Are 0 critical / serious events possible or just fine words". He also uses the title “Who are you putting at stake”

  • He talks about visible leadership, personal responsibility versus collective responsibility, the Safety conversation, Role model for safety etc

  • Below you will also see some key words.  


What applies to your company and your employees are:  

  • Life and health

  • Reputation

  • Work security or sustainable workplace

We must improve the quality of our choices

We dont end up in situations, we make choices

We must eliminate silent deviations

Brain out of autopilot, make conscious decisions

We can regret, but not change your previous choices

Stop making the team responsible, start taking individual responsibility

We are committed to follow our procedures

Start-up meetings is a great start of the day

We must do more of the "good things"

Feel free to contact us for more information or to plan a lecture or presentation on HSE for your company.

Directly with Teddy Broadhurst on tel 913 95 462 or email: 

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